Department of Modern Turkmen language and history

Department of «Modern Turkmen language and history» studies multi-sided issues of phonetics and Turkmen grammars as well as works on application of means of word-formation, peculiarities of meaning, building and using of various word groups. The department is in charge of historical state of Turkmen language, tracing the relevance with ancient resources, written monuments. The experts of our institute are working over the researches and looking for the links of history of Turkmen language with other one. The work on studying of local sub-dialects is taken attracting written sources. Along with study of modern state of Turkmen language, bearing in mind the current requirements, the historical roots, which had been passed within the ages, the trace left as a result of interaction with other languages, which the Turkmen language rendered on the other languages, language commonality kindred languages, and vocabulary of language, sounds, development stage of words and sentences order. The stuff of department presented the scientific researches for detailed studying of history of Turkmen language, for studying ancient written sources, literary heritage of Turkmen poets-classics and local dialects in order to include the material gathered into scientific usage and compilation of ancient and dialectical dictionaries. The «historical grammar of Turkmen language» which includes scientific researches on various issues of historical syntaxes and information on written source of different epochs, has been prepared by the efforts of department. One-volume addition «Syntaxes», as well as «Dictionary of ancient Turkmen language», which contains nearly 30 written monuments in Turkmen language of the period VII-XVII centuries, was, for the first time as unified scientific work, prepared for publication.