Department on Textology and literary heritage

Department on «Textology and literary heritage» get prepared for publication of the manuscripts, which are available in the fund of institute and related to Turkmen literature, language, culture, history. The manuscripts were brought by our specialists, who were in business trip abroad, from foreign countries libraries, museums. The stuff supported in publication of scientific-research works, made up on the basis of microfilms on manuscript using collation method and comparative-historical method, as well as scientific-popular and critical articles. Department study multiage literary heritage of poet-classics from the scientific point of view and identify the worthy place, which occupies Turkmen poets, who lived and created in ancient time up to XX century, the characteristic of their work created, in which national and humanitarian values are traced. The employees also analysis of modern problems of Turkmen linguistics, studying national literary heritage related to ancient Turkmen literature, to the literature of middle age, to the classical Turkmen literature. They also analyzed ideal content and artistic peculiarities of works, and searched the personalities, who were unknown in Turkmen literature, population their literary heritage. Special importance is given to the life path and works of authors, which creativity and literary heritage was unknown at present and not in scientific use, whose literary heritage has been studied not perfectly. In the history of Turkmen literature ancient and middle-age as well as classical literature is a base of treasury of literary heritage of Turkmens. The literature of these periods should be deeply studied from the point of literary point of view of Independence. Having guided with these tasks the classic works such as «Lubab al-albab» Avfy, «Baburname» by Babur, «Nasihatnamah» by Muhammad Gazaly, «Golshan-e Ebrahimi» by Hindush Astrabadi, «Futuwwetname» by Yahya ibn Halil and multi-volume «History of Turkmen literature», one edition volumes «History of ancient Turkmen literature and literature of middle-age», «History of Turkmen literature of XIX century», «History of Turkmen literature of XVIII century».