Folklore department

«Folklore department» gathers and makes analyses of different types of species of Turkmen folklore, starting from ancient time». From scientific point of view the stuff and in accordance with special periods, peculiarities of origination of works of folklore are selected. Using mass-media as well as journals, the workers propagandas various species of folklore prepares and populates scientific books and brochure, for publication. They also introduce in scientific usage different patterns of folklore created by Turkmen people since ancient time, which is to be its spiritual and cultural value. In order to identify the impact of national folklore on classical literature the following aspects are considered: level of works of folklore by authors and poets, volume of work and methods applied by authors in folklore, and links of written literature with the works of folklore. All this obviously shows that each pattern of the work of folklore served for writers and poets as source of inspiration. Being in business trip in the regions of Turkmenistan, stuff gathers various pieces of national folklore and prepared it to the publication, compares with the existed patterns, selects common and distinctive features. Power, valuableness, attraction of literary heritage, which include nature, mentality, fount of wisdom of Turkmen people, is a spiritual power inspiring every person. A pearl of national folklore being distinctive center of human soul is school of national education of young generation, which inherited all customs and traditions and dispositional purity.