Department of Compilation of dictionaries, terminologies and culture of language

Department of “Compilation of dictionaries, terminologies and culture of language” studies the meaning of words and terms, sensitive interlink and also carry out a work on compilation of explanatory, bilingual terminology dictionaries, the dictionary of professionalisms, as well as orthoepic, orthographic and phraseological dictionaries. Moreover, in order to perfect the Turkmen literary language the following issues are studied: standardization of orthography and orthoepic, rules of literary speech, grammar and stylistics. The department carries out work on studying the meaning of words, terminologies, and their interrelations and compiles industrial and professional bilingual dictionaries. Great changes and speedy development achieved in the economic and cultural sectors as well as large scale activities carried out in various fields of national economy resulted in using and inserting new words and terms. The introduction of this words and terms in Turkmen linguistic has become regulatory thing. «Voluminous terminology dictionary of Turkmen language» involving 11 sectors have been prepared by the department in order to nationalize and streamline usage of terminologies of Turkmen language.