Department of Scientific interpretation and control

Department of Ā«Scientific interpretation and controlĀ» makes up files of ancient eastern manuscripts, which are available in the fund and efforts on their digitization and dis-scanning, are taken. Inventory on the manuscripts written in Arabic, Persian and Turkmen languages is made up. The inventory contains brief information on authors, their pseudonyms, names of decks, owners, translators, as well as dates, variety of types used in the manuscript, inscription on the manuscripts devoted to somebody, or manuscripts to be rendered to somebody personally as a testament- personal stamps or stamps-vakf and others. The stuff identify and provide information on paper which written manuscripts used, variety of script used in the work as well as data on width and length of page, size volume of manuscripts is mentioned. The department is in charge of keeping certain temperature and humidity, which made possible to protect manuscripts from damage and also the ink used in it from leaking, dust and various incents. The employees of department render high service to the scholars which deal with manuscripts, receive manuscripts from population and register the microfilms on manuscripts delivered from abroad and prepare them to publication.