Department of manuscript sources of Turkmen history

Manuscripts on Arabic and Persian languages being preserved in the fund of manuscripts of the institute and related to ancient history of Turkmen of middle-age, the history of XVII-XVIII, XIX centuries, are studied in the «Department of manuscript sources of Turkmen history». The manuscripts delivered from different foreign museums, libraries by our colleges, who were in business trip abroad, are among them. The following Arabic and Persian hand-writing sources as «Nizam-at-tawarikh», «Asar-al-wuzeraa», «Zubdat-at-tawarikh», «Al-jawhar as-samin», «Tarikh-i Kitubshahi», «Durarul-hawadis», «Inbaul-ghumr bi-abnail-‘umr», «Tuhfatut-turk fi ma yajibu an yu’mala fil-mulk», «Mawrid-al-latafah fi man waliya as-saltanata wal-khilafah», «Akhbar ad-duwal wa asar al-uwal», which are to be served a source for Turkmen history.