Department of Restoration and preservation

Department of «Restoration and preservation» carries out a complex work on restoration, conservation, binding, and purification of manuscripts. Each of the manuscripts has two values as minimum: the first spiritual, the second – material, as historical document, created in certain environment, which occupies a worthy place among the monuments. All compounds parts of the work are the value narrating about the creation of this work. The main aim of the department is careful usage of paper, ink, binding and upon abilities to safe the original of the manuscripts, which were subject to different changes, in the primary shape. Being guided with this principle, the department looks for sterilization and disinfection of manuscript books from pests and microorganisms. Special attention is given to the selection of papers to be used in restoration process as well as perfect utilization of additional materials. The work on preparation of solutions and glues of different density made of flour, starch and methyl which are used in restoration of binding without making any damage to the printed books has been carried out. In order to do the work above, first of all, it is necessary to define restoration methods bearing in mind the quality of paper, ink and their leakage level. If the following measure be preserved, the department has excellent opportunities to render manuscripts book to the future generation in a good shape. In order to have the enumerated works the manuscripts book, which need restoration, are selected from the fund. Then, judging on their condition, and damage, a special restoration activity plan is outlined. The manuscripts under restoration are subject to passport system. The manuscript is described in detail, starting with primary till final conditions and then consequent restoration stage is made. The files to preserve manuscripts from environmental and mechanical damages are compiled. All round propagation on the work of institute to study national heritage, restoration, careful preservation of manuscript and printed books are carried out.