Department of Turkmen literature and literary relations

Department of «Turkmen literature and literary relations» is tracing for the problems in Turkmen literature, studying scientific and literary novelties, which occurred in Turkmen literature of the XX century. Department carries out the analysis of scientific problem, which covers different trends of literature of epoch of Independence and select its peculiarity. Scientific works relating to creativity search of literature of the Might and happiness epoch. The main goal of the department is to carry out scientific analysis of artistic development and perfection of modern works, to study the life and creativity of writers and poets. The employees are also dealing with studying of the development of literary theoretical idea in linguistics, basic peculiarities of literary art, unity of forms and contents of literary works, the types of artistic images, rule for work of art planning, its plot, the language of work and its heroes, style of writer, basis for versification and literary process development. While analyzing artistic world of the work, the specialists of department defines level of their peoples and historicity, identifying the time of occurrence of literary links and peculiar character of long time relations with either peoples. Multi-volume titled «History of Turkmen literature», compiled on the detail study of Turkmen literature, has been prepared by the department.