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The article is based on modern research principles of teaching didactics, including the Turkmen language course, in accordance with the "Concept for the Development of the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan". The article discusses the organization of Turkmen language lessons in modern secondary  schools, the preparation of electronic educational computer programs based on the materials of the Turkmen language (spelling), the methodology for working on them, as well as the concepts (theoretical, practical) associated with them. 

Sounding labial vowels are presented with the of help computer technology to the written norms of the Turkmen language; it describes the control over the independent work of students, grading for the written work of students using a computer. The usefulness of computer technologies for improving the literacy of students is shown.

The author assigns a large role to technical equipment in the formation of students’ passion for linguistics, the development of skills and abilities of correct writing, and the improvement of conversational culture.